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Ross Cosmetics Infrastructure Case Study

Myriad IT’s virtualisation solution delivered a robust business system to sustain ongoing operations with minimal disruption.

Ross Cosmetics Infrastructure Case Study

Myriad IT’s virtualisation solution delivered a robust business system to sustain ongoing operations with minimal disruption.

The Challenge

Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd’s ageing infrastructure had become unstable posing serious risks to production systems and business operations. It also needed a platform that could support upcoming technology projects. They needed to upgrade their hardware, and fast.

“In addition to exploring every avenue to keep the business system afloat whilst it was on a perilously unstable platform, the professionalism shown by Myriad IT to understand our business needs and work with the business was second to none in terms of technical solution and customer service.”

Jay Centeno – IT Manager, Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd

Failure would have significant ramifications for the production systems including finance, orders and stock control. The challenge was to keep existing systems operational whilst delivering a hardware upgrade that resolved the stability issues with minimal disruption.


Myriad IT had previously partnered with Ross Cosmetics to provide disaster recovery facilities and assist in the support of their ERP system (Oracle JD Edwards).  As a long term partner, Ross Cosmetics turned to Myriad IT to undertake this essential upgrade project.

Myriad IT worked with Ross Cosmetics to understand their business needs and designed a solution to support the business for current and foreseen requirements.

Business Benefits

Reliability & stability. Myriad IT’s virtualisation solution provided Ross Cosmetics with a stable, reliable system that eliminated the risk to the business of system failure. It features full redundancy meaning that in the event of a component failure, the system automatically adjusts and continues to run.

Positioned to upgrade. The solution also provided a platform that could support future technology projects.

Performance gains. Increased processing capacity has also delivered performance gains.

Ross Cosmetics estimate that, in the first year, savings of 10-15% in the cost of running and maintaining  infrastructure will be realised, increasing to 25-35% over time.

The Solution

Myriad IT’s virtualisation solution provides a robust business system.

The primary objective of the project was to deliver Ross Cosmetics a highly available, virtualised server environment that was capable of accommodating future ERP upgrades. It was also critical that the existing unstable system be kept operational while the solution was deployed.

The solution utilised Microsoft Hyper-V software operating on Dell hardware. It comprised two physical host servers running Hyper-V with attached storage, providing redundancy, allowing virtual machines to be moved should one of the physical hosts fail.

Microsoft Hyper-V software greatly simplifies virtualisation as it enables multiple operating systems to share common physical servers. In the event of component failure, the system automatically adjusts and continues to run.

Minimal disruption

Initially, the project team stabilised the existing system to the fullest extent possible to buy more time whilst the new solution was built and deployed. Myriad IT’s lead project manager then drove co-ordination of project resources (from both Myriad IT and Ross Cosmetics) to ensure project milestones were met in a timely manner.

Ross Cosmetics was compelled for business reasons to extend the user acceptance testing for the project on several occasions. The Myriad IT project manager ensured that the same team returned to progress the project thereby eliminating any further delay which might have been caused by new consultants coming up to speed.

The new hardware was installed on-site and network reconfigured outside of business hours. Live back-ups of the old system were made to the new system during the testing phase meaning that if the existing system failed, Ross Cosmetics could immediately migrate.

Smooth Transition

With the old system backed up to the new, and fully tested, there were no issues with going live and the transition was able to be made seamlessly.

“With the new system drama free since its implementation, I would like to thank Myriad IT, both professionally and personally, for the excellent service and expertise in the delivery to Ross Cosmetics of a solution that will carry the business forward for the next 5 years.”

Jay Centeno – IT Manager

About Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd

Established in 1930, Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of private label cosmetics, toiletries and therapeutic goods. Its clients are major domestic and international brands and its product range includes skincare, haircare, suncare, make-up, therapeutic goods and giftware.

Ross Cosmetics operates a modern 11,500 square metre office, laboratory and manufacturing complex at Tullamarine, Melbourne and employs approximately 75 staff.


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