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Carpet Court Australia secures future growth

Carpet Court Australia partners with Myriad IT to upgrade their hardware and JD Edwards ERP to version 9.2

Carpet Court Australia secures future growth

Carpet Court Australia partners with Myriad IT to upgrade their hardware and JD Edwards ERP to version 9.2

About Carpet Court Australia Limited

Carpet Court Australia Limited (Carpet Court) is Australia’s largest retail floor covering specialist. With nearly 200 stores nation-wide, each Carpet Court store is locally owned and operated, providing the best possible value, service and advice. Carpet Court take great pride in their reputation for leading design expertise and advice based on their superior product knowledge and extensive range of flooring and window solutions.

Carpet Court engaged Myriad IT to update their hardware and implement the latest version of Oracle’s JD Edwards 9.2 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Our previous in-depth knowledge of their systems and infrastructure positioned us well to support their goals by providing innovative, quality and value focused solutions.


Understanding the challenge

Security, systems performance and risk management were key focuses for Carpet Court’s IT Manager, Harry Erawan.

Carpet Court was relying heavily on Oracle’s JD Edwards 9.0 and Windows Server 2008 that were both reaching or had reached their end-of-life support. This meant these applications were susceptible to the latest, more prevalent modes of cyber-attack. Nor, would the systems support new capability such as mobility, agile reporting and forms if they continued to use these applications past their use-by date.

Carpet Court was running ERP software, Oracle’s JD Edwards version 9.0, to manage their day-to-day operations of accounting, financial reporting, insurance management and sales and marketing. They operated Windows Server 2008 on six-year-old hardware that was running out of space and becoming sluggish, as their team had grown from 2.5 to 30 users over that time.

This situation prompted Harry to review their data storage needs, increase hardware processing power and upgrade to the newest release of JD Edwards, version 9.2.


Implementing the solution

Carpet Court engaged Myriad IT to support their goal of providing a platform for future growth with new hardware and updated applications.

Myriad IT followed Oracle’s “100 Day Upgrade” methodology. It included a thorough process of planning and documenting the project scope and executing the customisations, integrations, data migration, testing and training phases in a seamless and coordinated fashion.

Harry Erawan, Carpet Court IT Manager, knew project success was in Myriad IT’s capable hands.

“I felt comfortable in Myriad IT’s ability to deliver the project. The process was seamless and painless. Communication between myself, Myriad IT’s project manager and the team was highly effective which contributed to the project running smoothly, on time and under budget”.

Harry Erawan, IT Manager, Carpet Court Australia

Providing value

The simple process of keeping up with current technology made all the difference for Carpet Court. The ability to maintain good systems performance while greatly reducing risks to security, provided Carpet Court with a reliable platform for future growth.

Post project support and staff training was provided to help Carpet Court staff make the most of the new platform. The users found it easy to adapt to the intuitive interface and appreciated how much more quickly they were able to perform tasks.

“The training provided by Myriad IT really helped staff to get inside the new features of JD Edwards 9.2. Simple things like the favourites and breadcrumbs which didn’t exist in the old system are now used quite heavily” says Harry.

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