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Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd Case Study

Virtualisation solution that increased productivity, reduced costs and increased the availability and agility of existing infrastructure.

Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd Case Study

Virtualisation solution that increased productivity, reduced costs and increased the availability and agility of existing infrastructure.

Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd needed to upgrade its ageing infrastructure in order to support its business critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application with minimal risk, disruption and cost to their business. Myriad IT implemented a virtualisation solution providing Cash’s with a cost effective, flexible, best practice result that minimised ongoing risk and accommodates future business growth.

“The project enabled us to significantly reduce our ongoing hardware, maintenance and energy costs. Myriad IT was completely committed to delivering results.”

Cheng Lo, IT Manager, Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd

The Challenge

Cash’s server infrastructure had reached its end of life in terms of processing power, disk space and warranty. This was impacting negatively on productivity, reliability, support, and ultimately Cash’s capacity to grow its business.


Myriad IT first partnered with Cash’s over 5 years ago to implement their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and since then has worked with Cash’s to support the ERP and underlying technology.

Myriad IT proposed an industry standard virtualisation solution utilising Microsoft Hyper-V software operating on Dell hardware. The solution was evaluated against an IBM-based VMware solution and the Myriad IT solution was selected on the basis of ease of implementation, cost effectiveness and a track record of professional service.

“As a long-term partner of Cash’s, Myriad IT has an in depth understanding of our business and IT environment. Historically, Myriad IT’s service performance had been outstanding and this was a key factor in engaging Myriad IT on this project.”

Cheng Lo, IT Manager, Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd

Business Benefits

Increased productivity. The solution provides for an upgrade in the existing version of the ERP system (Oracle JD Edwards) and provided a much needed performance boost. It also delivered improvements in system monitoring and alerts, enabling Cash’s to address any issues that may arise before they become problematic.

Flexibility & scalability. The system is easily expanded and can be scaled in terms of processing power, memory and disk space to meet future needs as the business grows.

Lower costs. Myriad IT’s solution enables Cash’s to take advantage of the benefits of virtualisation including reduced hardware expense, reduced energy costs, increased server utilisation and improved reliability.

The Solution

Virtualisation is one of the most effective ways an organisation can reduce costs and increase the availability and agility of its infrastructure. Myriad IT’s virtualisation solution for Cash’s utilised Microsoft Hyper-V software operating on Dell hardware delivering best practice at minimal cost and risk to the business.

“For a project like this to be delivered flawlessly it needs to be thoroughly planned. Myriad IT guided Cash’s smoothly through each step. The Myriad IT consultants ensured that Cash’s requirements were met – within our time frame, budget, technology environment and without any interruption to business.”

Cheng Lo, IT Manager, Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd

Seamless upgrade

Microsoft Hyper-V software simplifies virtualisation by enabling multiple operating systems to share common physical servers. It works with existing IT environments, simplifying implementation and helping to keep operational and maintenance costs down.

With minimal disruption to Cash’s day-to-day business activities, Myriad IT built, deployed and integrated the solution with existing systems and new hardware.  This was achieved through side-by-side installation with an in-place migration. This did not require operator intervention and was performed during a low activity period.

Myriad IT was able to keep costs down as there was no need for consulting services to reconfigure Cash’s business databases or applications.

Reliable end-to-end solution

The solution is highly available to users and incorporates multiple levels of redundancy meaning in the event of a component failure the system automatically adjusts and continues to run.

By providing an end-to-end solution, Myriad IT ensured that Cash’s systems operate within a fully supported environment. Dell and Microsoft provide a supported operating environment from network to application delivery 24x7x365.

Self-sufficient technology

Cash’s goal was to be self-sufficient with their technology and utilise Myriad IT for issue escalation only. It was critical that the system could be operated on a day-to-day basis by Cash’s staff.  Myriad IT’s consultants co-ordinated the handover of the system and training of Cash’s staff to ensure Cash’s staff became self-reliant. In addition, Myriad IT has a long term support agreement with Cash’s to provide 2nd level back up support.

Dell partnership benefits

As a Dell partner, Myriad IT was able to source and deliver a fully supported Dell hardware package to run the new software and meet the ERP demands of a growing business whilst keeping hardware costs to a minimum. Myriad IT assessed the hardware required to meet Cash’s business goals and identified the Dell products to best meet these needs.

The partnership with Dell meant that Myriad IT could take the hassle and complexity out of deciding what hardware to acquire for Cash’s. It also enabled Myriad IT to facilitate dispatch from Dell and offer Cash’s flexible payment options.

About Cash’s (Australia) Pty Ltd

Cash’s is a supplier of branding products to the international apparel, footwear, sports and accessory industries. Cash’s have manufacturing and customer service facilities located in major centres across several international locations including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


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