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Chiquita Brands International Case Study

Myriad IT’s load testing service enabled a major international food producer to improve system performance & ensure success of its JD Edwards upgrade project.

Chiquita Brands International Case Study

Myriad IT’s load testing service enabled a major international food producer to improve system performance & ensure success of its JD Edwards upgrade project.

Chiquita Brands International was undertaking an upgrade of JD Edwards to a new environment able to support high transaction volume. The goal was to ensure the new environment was highly available & provided end users with a quality experience. Myriad IT’s load testing service enabled Chiquita to achieve its goal…

About Chiquita International Brands

Established in 1870, Chiquita Brands International (Chiquita) is a leading international producer of high quality fresh and value added food.
Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA), Chiquita employs approximately 20,000 people across operations in 70 different countries, across 6 continents.

“Once we implemented the changes recommended by Myriad IT, we noticed a significant improvement in performance. We are now confident we can handle 400 – 600 concurrent users and have not experienced any major performance problems for 6 months…Thanks to Myriad IT!”
Karunya Isukapalli – Project Leader, Applications
Chiquita International Brands

The Challenge

Chiquita Brands International (Chiquita)were establishing a new JD Edwards EntepriseOne 9.1 environment which could support 400-600 concurrent users. The existing environment was experiencing numerous performance issues which was negatively impacting on the end user experience. Chiquita needed to ensure that the new system was highly available, scalable and delivered a quality end user experience.


Chiquita needed a partner able to undertake stress testing of the new systems and provide recommendations for improvements on the findings. Myriad IT was engaged for its wealth of experience in areas where Chiquita most needed help.

Business Benefits

Confidence that the new JD Edwards system can handle high transaction volumes.
The final results of the exercise producedstable load testing results that demonstrated
the system would easily handly the anticipated workload of 400-600 concurrent users.
JD Edwards upgrade success assured.
Myriad IT’s load testing solution enabled it to identify hardware and software issues prior to go-live. Chiquita was able to execute on the recommendations to ensure that the JD Edwards upgrade delivered the required business benefits.
Greatly improved end user experience.
Since implementing Myriad IT’s recommendations, Chiquita has not experienced any major performance issues resulting in happier, more productive end users.

“Myriad IT brought a wealth of experience in areas where we really needed help with our system. They worked through the stress testing process and went the extra mile to suggest other best practices in terms of system setup. ”
Karunya Isukapalli (Project Leader, Applications)


Myriad IT’s Load Testing as a Service identified issues impacting performance.

The performance and stability of the system before load testing would not have supported the required load.

Myriad IT began by testing the supporting hardware followed by a pre go-live load test.

For the pre go-live testing exercise, Myriad IT created load testing scenarios for the top 20 client transactions, installed the software to execute the tests and executed the load testing scripts.

Key findings & recommendations

Following the tests, Chiquita was provided with the results of the performance testing including identification of the key issues impacting performance.

Myriad IT’s feedback also included comprehensive recommendations for improving performance including:
• Increasing CPU on key machines;
• Fixes for bugs identified by the testing;
• Improved configuration of software & servers;
• Disable access logging.

Cost effective, automated load testing solutions saved time & minimised impact on Chiquita staff.

Engaging Myriad IT to co-ordinate testing simplified the load testing task and reduced associated costs.

Myriad IT eliminated the need for Chiquita to buy expensive load testing software by providing short term access to Oracle’s Application Testing Suite (OATS) through its licensing arrangements.
OATS rapidly completed load testing for key processes. The automated running of transactions through OATS saved time and meant minimal imposition on Chiquita staff.

“Our team was thrilled with the experience and the outcome of working with Myriad IT. Their help during our JD Edwards upgrade project was invaluable. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve their JD Edwards system performance & user experience.”

Karunya Isukapalli (Project Leader, Applications)

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