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Linatex Australia Pty Ltd Case Study

Implementation of private cloud infrastructure that eliminated downtime and generated cost savings.

Linatex Australia Pty Ltd Case Study

Implementation of private cloud infrastructure that eliminated downtime and generated cost savings.

Linatex’s goal was to improve the stability and reliability of production systems with no downtime. The private cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) solution implemented by Myriad IT over a 3 week eliminated downtime and generated significant cost savings in system maintenance and data centre power usage.

The Challenge

Aged infrastructure, more frequent hardware failure on production systems and multiple single points of failure in data centre space had caused the cost of maintaining existing systems to skyrocket. Linatex needed a long term solution to be implemented without any downtime.


Myriad IT had previously partnered with Linatex to provide support, advice and assistance with their ERP system and ongoing maintenance of their global IT system. As a long term partner, Linatex looked to Myriad IT to undertake the upgrade project. Existing systems were consolidated onto a new virtualisation infrastructure  creating an Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) environment ahead of time and without downtime.

“During the 6 years I have worked with Myriad IT, they have been our most reliable and professional partner. They seamlessly provided Linatex with a stable, reliable solution which reduced costs, eliminated downtime, and diminshed drain on resources . Myriad IT has added considerable value to our business.”

Steve Babinczky, Technology Manager, Linatex Australia Pty Ltd

Business Benefits

Reliability. The IAAS solution implemented by Myriad IT provided full redundancy meaning that in the event of a component failure, the system automatically adjusts and keeps running.

Stability. Automatic notification of potential issues mean that Linatex IT staff and Myriad IT consultants are able to proactively resolve any issues before they become problematic or cause downtime.

Reduced costs. Elimination of downtime, reduction of energy consumption due to virtualisation and improved performance have all contributed to significant savings for Linatex.

The Solution

Myriad IT utilised Prince2 and Sure Step project management methodology to control the process from beginning to end. The project team worked independently of Linatex staff to implement the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) private cloud solution. The entire project was delivered on time and on budget despite the aggressive timelines and constraints.

Expert consultants facilitated seamless transition

Myriad IT’s team of consultants are Microsoft and Dell certified system engineers and advanced enterprise architects. This expertise enabled them to design and facilitate a seamless transition, minimise impact on Linatex’s staff and ensure that the critical objective of no downtime was achieved.

Full redundancy provides reliability & stability with minimal drain on IT

Numerous existing servers were consolidated on central infrastructure allowing the creation of individual virtual servers for each application. Each server has inbuilt high availability/redundancy ensuring the risk of single point failure was eliminated. The system automatically brings system services back online in the event of failure, resulting in high service availability with minimal IT effort.

No more downtime & cost savings

The elimination of downtime means that Linatex does not lose valuable production time.

It has also achieved costs savings in energy expenses by virtualising its infrastructure. Updating hardware has also enabled Linatex to realise performance improvements across all systems without incurring additional tuning costs.

About Linatex Australia Pty Ltd

Linatex are manufacturer and distributor of industrial rubber products with 24×7 manufacturing operations in Malaysia. The IT systems are maintained in a hosted data centre in Melbourne, Australia and are operated around the clock by Linatex and Myriad IT staff.  In 2011, Weir Group acquired Linatex. Weir continues as a client of Myriad IT.


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