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Mainetti Group Ltd Case Study

Customised Oracle BPEL Process Manager solution that facilitated the integration of supplier data into JD Edwards slashing accounts payable effort from 2 weeks per month to 3 days.

Mainetti Group Ltd Case Study

Customised Oracle BPEL Process Manager solution that facilitated the integration of supplier data into JD Edwards slashing accounts payable effort from 2 weeks per month to 3 days.

The Challenge

Manual entry of customer data from Microsoft Excel into existing JD Edwards system was time consuming, prone to errors and increasing the cost of doing business. Mainetti Group needed a cost-effective solution to enable them to significantly reduce their voucher matching time.


By partnering with Myriad IT Services, Mainetti was able to implement a customised Oracle BPEL Process Manager solution to automate the integration of vendor invoices from Microsoft Excel to JD Edwards. Automated integration and error detection achieved significant improvements in end user productivity with users now able to focus on higher value rather than mundane tasks.

“We evaluated Myriad IT’s proposed technical solution against a tier one Indian software services vendor. We found that Myriad IT’s solution was more real-time, more cutting edge and more innovative. It was exactly what we were looking for and at a more affordable price. Myriad IT also gave us the confidence that they had the experience and expertise to implement the solution even though it was so cutting edge. This significantly reduced the risk of the project for us.”

Mainetti Regional IT & Applications Manager

Business Benefits

Myriad IT’s solution integrated Oracle BPEL Process Manager into existing systems and provided Mainetti with:

Increased productivity. Real time integration of data into JD Edwards reduced errors and mundane tasks.

Improved data accuracy.  Automatic notification of data mismatching has led to more timely resolution of issues;

Efficiency gains.  The solution is able to accurately handle high data volumes and system performance was improved;

Cost effective integration. Integration into existing infrastructure reduced implementation cost and enabled Mainetti to maximise the value derived from their IT investment.

The Solution

Mainetti came to Myriad IT Services after a referral from Oracle. Using Prince2 project management methodology, Myriad IT controlled the process from beginning to end, ensuring that there was minimal impact on Mainetti’s day to day business.

“We chose Myriad IT Services as our partner on this project as we didn’t feel comfortable entrusting this project to any other vendor. Nobody else demonstrated their expertise in the proposed technical architecture like Myriad IT did. The cutting edge solution enabled us to integrate vendor invoices in real-time reducing our Accounts Payable effort from 2 weeks to 3 days every month – a significant productivity enhancement for our business.”

Mainetti Regional IT & Applications Manager

Oracle BPEL Process Manager

The Oracle BPEL Process Manager solution implemented by Myriad IT into existing IT infrastructure enabled the client to move from a manual entry system to a real-time fully automated integration of supplier data into existing systems.

This resulted in significant improvements in data accuracy, reduced the drain on IT resources and achieved real gains in productivity for the Accounts Payable team, cutting the time required for voucher matching from 2 weeks per month to 3 days.

Utilising established technology meant that Myriad IT was able to deploy the project rapidly, over a period of 2 months; to specification and within budget. The Mainetti Group has been able to optimise its use of resources and ultimately has reduced its costs of doing business.

“Myriad IT is a very professional partner to work with. They have great customer service and were always prompt in responding to our queries. We had access to their best technical and functional resources. Despite the complexity, the project scope was kept under control and under acceptable escalation levels.”

Mainetti Regional IT & Applications Manager

 Troubleshooting issues with Oracle BI Publisher improved reporting

Myriad IT also assisted Mainetti with problems with the existing deployment of Oracle BI Publisher which were limiting reporting capabilities. Myriad IT addressed these issues, resulting in more accurate and insightful reporting, improved system performance and optimised return on technical investment.

Dedicated project team

Myriad IT’s consultants worked flexible hours to accommodate time zone differences, ensuring that Mainetti were able to communicate effectively with Myriad IT during the project.

Microsoft Lync communication was used by the Project Manager to retain the face-to-face experience with a remote implementation, ensuring the client was kept up to date about project developments and minimising the need (and associated costs) of travel.

About Mainetti Group

Mainetti Group is the world’s leading manufacturer and designer of hangers delivering to customers enhanced garment presentation. Its hangers are crucial in ensuring that its customers’ garments are presented in the very best possible way from the factory, to the shop-floor, and all the way to the wardrobe.

Mainetti runs a 250 user JD Edwards 8.12 installation from Hong Kong serving Suzhou, Shanghai, Seoul, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The Group as a whole has a presence in more than 30 countries.


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