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Ross Cosmetics Tools Release Case Study

Virtualised Oracle JD Edwards server that delivered process improvements and significant productivity gains.

Ross Cosmetics Tools Release Case Study

Virtualised Oracle JD Edwards server that delivered process improvements and significant productivity gains.

The Challenge

Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd was faced with a business critical hardware upgrade but their existing ERP system, Oracle JD Edwards 8.12, was dated and could not support the change. Myriad IT performed a tools release to JD Edwards 8.9 and virtualised JD Edwards servers enabling Ross Cosmetics to successfully deploy much needed infrastructure and realise numerous productivity gains.

The Myriad IT team needed to ensure that Ross Cosmetics’s ERP tools were able to support new business critical hardware. The hardware upgrade could not be delayed and so the challenge lay in performing the requisite tools upgrade concurrent to the infrastructure project.


As a long term provider of JD Edwards support to Ross Cosmetics, Myriad IT understood the specific ERP needs and constraints of the business. Having turned to Myriad IT to undertake the hardware upgrade, it was logical that Myriad IT would also facilitate the deployment of the JD Edwards tools release to make the migration as smooth as possible.

Business Benefits

Stability. The upgrade to JD Edwards 8.9 enabled Ross Cosmetics to implement a much needed hardware upgrade that eliminated the risk to the business of system failure.

Productivity gains. The mobility provided with the upgraded tools release has realised significant productivity gains in the warehouse. In addition, improvements to forms and functionality have reduced processing and administrative time whilst the drain on IT resources in maintaining the system has been reduced.

Positioned to upgrade. The solution also provided a platform that could support future technology projects.

“Previously, our warehouse staff moving stock between locations, would manually complete a form and then go to a terminal to process the transaction. With mobile JD Edwards on tablets, transaction handling time will be significantly reduced.”

Jay Centeno – IT Manager, Ross Cosmetics

The Solution

Process improvements and productivity gains

The simpler, customisable, web-based interface of JD Edwards 8.9 has reduced processing time and administrative load. Ross Cosmetics has also been able to identify several financial and operational reporting processes where the enhanced capabilities have enabled them to greatly reduce time spent generating reports.

Virtualised Oracle JD Edwards servers

The upgraded tools release facilitated virtualisation of the Oracle JD Edwards servers, reducing the drain on IT resources in maintaining JD Edwards. Previously, it was necessary to install patches or upgrades at each user’s terminal. This is now managed centrally through the virtual server.

Compliance made simple

As a manufacturer of sunscreen products and other therapeutic goods, Ross Cosmetics is subject to regulation by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) which is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. One of its purposes is to protect public health and safety by regulating therapeutic goods that are manufactured in Australia. Compliance with TGA regulations is key to Ross Cosmetics’s ongoing operations.

As part of the licence conditions, inspectors from the TGA may access the premises at any time to check that ERP systems comply with good manufacturing practice.

Myriad IT’s project governance when deploying systems has allowed Ross Cosmetics to bridge a gap in its regulatory compliance with simplified preparation of materials and documentation of processes. Ross Cosmetics is also in a better position to re-validate its ERP system under TGA compliance requirements.

Mobile Oracle JD Edwards reduces transaction handling time & effort

Ross Cosmetics staff now have the ability to use JD Edwards on tablet devices within its warehouse. This will enable warehouse staff to significantly reduce transaction handling and processing time as staff no longer need to visit a network terminal and input data between and during transactions.

Oracle JD Edwards 9.1 ready

Ross Cosmetics plan to migrate to Oracle JD Edwards 9.1 utilising Myriad IT’s 100 day upgrade framework. Having upgraded the tools release, the process will be simplified and requisite customisations will be easier to develop and implement. Consequently, Ross Cosmetics will be delivered a more efficient, faster and ultimately cheaper upgrade to the latest tools release, JD Edwards 9.1 and the technical benefits it confers such as:

  • Integrated, easily customised pre-built reports with One View Reporting
  • In-depth business intelligence at the touch of a button with BI Publisher
  • Ability to maximise organisational performance with Enterprise Manager 12c
  • Financial management, project and supply chain management enhancements to further drive productivity gains
  • Extended Oracle support including patches for tax accounting and compliance.

“Myriad IT delivered exactly what was agreed upon. There were no surprises. We will definitely look to Myriad IT  to manage the upgrade to JD Edwards 9.1 planned for next year.”

Jay Centeno – IT Manager, Ross Cosmetics

About Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd

Established in 1930, Ross Cosmetics Aust Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of private label cosmetics, toiletries and therapeutic goods. Its clients are major domestic and international brands and its product range includes skincare, haircare, suncare, make-up, therapeutic goods and giftware.

Ross Cosmetics operates a modern 11,500 square metre office, laboratory and manufacturing complex at Tullamarine, Melbourne and employs approximately 75 staff.


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