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Tecon Australia Case Study

Document management solution that improved customer management and maximised staff efficiency.

Tecon Australia Case Study

Document management solution that improved customer management and maximised staff efficiency.

The Challenge

Tecon Australia’s goal was to improve overall efficiency of staff in their day to day operations. Through the implementation of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, what began as a change of process became a companywide transformation, enabling staff to be more productive and improving client interaction, driving business growth.

“By showing us the benefit at each stage, the Myriad IT consultant helped us gain ownership of the solution so that when we went live everyone had a clear understanding of how it would assist them in their daily work life”

Kym Rowland – Director, Tecon Australia Pty Ltd

Tecon’s laborious document management processes were limiting its capacity to grow its business.

Time consuming and onerous scrutiny by management was required to ensure documents were handled correctly.  Several options were considered including in-house development and industry specific packaged solutions.  These options were all rejected as either too risky or too expensive.


Myriad IT was introduced through the company’s financial solution provider.  Our iterative approach to the project meant that Myriad IT was able to drive the implementation with minimal drain on Tecon Australia’s resources. The solution was delivered to the business within 5 weeks including analysis, design and user training.

Business Benefits

Accurate customer information.  A single source of customer information, able to be accessed remotely by all staff reduced business overhead when maintaining customer data.

Real business insight. In-built dashboard reporting tool created company overviews, providing real insight into business health.

Improved document management. A central document repository to maintain templates and client documents ensures important data is no longer lost and costly documentation errors are reduced.

User-friendly interface. The familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface with CRM, Document Management and Workflow Management plug-ins lowered training costs and improved user adoption.

Cloud solution. The Cloud solution minimised start up and ongoing costs and provides reliability and stability.

The Solution

To identify the underlying business issues, Myriad IT examined the document management requirements including versioning, re-use and data repository.

Tecon did not originally envisage that the solution would focus on customer relationship management but through its discussions with Myriad IT, it became clear that the best solution would be to implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool with full document management capability, bringing together all information into a single, easy to use interface.

Effective customer management

Myriad IT demonstrated to Tecon that the efficiency and productivity gains of the project could also enhance the customer experience and enable them to drive business growth.

The customer experience has also been improved with accurate details now being captured and double handling of data between offices minimised.

Improved staff efficiency & compliance

Myriad IT’s solution enabled Tecon Australia staff to improve overall efficiency in their day to day work through enhanced management of work flows and automation of business processes. Time is no longer wasted on duplicated effort or inefficiencies with document handling.

The solution ensures that Tecon Australia now has all the relevant information to hand when it undergoes government audit.

Significant savings of time & money

The Cloud solution implemented by Myriad IT minimised costs by eliminating the need to invest in infrastructure and reducing demand on Tecon Australia’s staff to manage the system.

By holding meetings and training over Microsoft Lync®, Myriad IT was able to retain the face to face experience with a remote implementation.  As the communications platform, it proved successful in linking Tecon Australia staff in different offices across South Australia and the Northern Territory to the Myriad IT consultants in Melbourne. Tecon Australia employees did not need to travel to for training.

The solution is now live and what began as a change of process has now proven to be a company wide transformation, improving the way Tecon Australia interacts with its clients and enabling its staff to be more productive.

About Tecon Australia Pty Ltd

Tecon Australia is a building surveyor and private approvals company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. They provide a range of services including assessment of applications for building certifications, surveying advice and building advice. Clients include the Crown, Defence Force as well as private companies and individuals.

With additional offices in Alice Springs and Darwin, the company has 15 employees, most of whom are client facing and mobile during their working day.


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