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3 core elements for virtualising the Oracle stack to maximise performance, reduce costs & optimise licensing

oraclev Many Oracle customers are not virtualised, or if they are, they use hypervisors other than OVM (running in an uncertified environment). In addition, the vast majority of Oracle software customers deploy on non-Oracle x 86 servers.Virtualising the Oracle stack using Open Source Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualisation (OLOVM) – without the need to replace VMware – offers an organisation a number of benefits including best performance, support, and optimal licensing for customers.

Core elements

1. Oracle Virtualisation (OVM) is the only hypervisor which provides a certified solution for the Oracle stack. It is also the only hypervisor which can be used to optimise Oracle software licenses, and has more than 100 templates for rapid deployment, resulting in fast and easy implementation.

2.Oracle Linux (OL) is the operating system underpinning the Oracle stack. It is Open Source, and 100% compatible with Red Hat Linux. Unlike Red Hat, it comes complete with clustering, management, and the ability to apply upgrades and Security patches without re-boot, providing uninterrupted availability.

3.Oracle’s Virtual Compute Appliance (VCA)  is an integrated, “wireonce”, software-defined infrastructure system (Appliance) designed for rapid deployment of both infrastructure hardware and application software allowing customers to:

  • Deploy complete VCA systems in minutes vs days.
  • Reduce TCO between 30%-50%.
  • Cut CAPEX by up to 50%.
  • Deploy applications 7x faster than VMware.
  • Benefit from a single vendor hand-shake for greater service, support,and availability.

All Oracle software products are developed and tested on Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualisation.

Both Oracle Linux and Oracle Virtualisation are Open Source, so incur no licence costs, with competitively priced optional support available. If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage these tools to optimise Oracle licences, performance and support, please contact Myriad IT.

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