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Important notice: New ATO reporting requirement affecting government entities using JD Edwards

Attention Finance Managers operating JD Edwards within an Australian government entity.


JD Edwards solution needed to meet ATO new reporting requirement

From 1 July 2017, the ATO has a new set of requirements for taxable payments reporting for government entities.

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Currently there is no solution by Oracle to meet this requirement which is managed by Oracle’s localisation team. Myriad IT wants to ensure there is a solution for all affected organisations.

We have submitted an Oracle Service Request (SR), reference “Bug 25046985“. Oracle has since responded:

At this time there have been two requests for this new legal update and we do not plan on adding as of today. Our localization strategy team is requesting that if other customers require this change, that they log an SR and reference Bug 25046985 : AUSTRALIA LOCALIZATION – TAXABLE PAYMENTS REPORTING – GOVERNMENT ENTITIES. This is very important for us to understand the overall impact.”

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People power

In order for Oracle to develop a solution, more requests are needed from JD Edwards customers affected by this requirement. If you are affected, please log a service request against Bug 25046985.

To do this, please log into the My Oracle Support website. If you don’t have access to this site, a designated person usually within your technical team should have access. Look for Bug 25046985 and mark your organisation as being affected.


The impact

If Oracle does not receive enough SR’s for this bug, government entities using JD Edwards will need to develop their own solution in-house or Myriad IT can assist in developing the solution.


Contact us

If you’d like more information or to discuss your options please contact

Glenn Mansfield on +61 3 8530 8657 or email

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ATO requirement

From 1 July 2017, government entities at federal, state, territory and local levels are required to report total payments made to service providing businesses to the ATO. Additionally, only government entities at the federal, state and territory levels will need to report the total grants paid to entities with an ABN.

This is to be done via an annual report uploaded to the ATO business portal and needs to be in a format that meets ATO specifications.

The details required to be reported are:

  • Sender details (contact person at Govt entity)
  • Payer details (Govt agency details)
  • Payee details

o    ABN
o    Name and address
o    Bank Account details
o    Phone
o    Email
o    Total Gross amount (including GST)
o    Payment type (either ‘payment’ or ‘grant’)

Further information on the new obligations:

Comprehensive details for software developers:



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