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JD Edwards Tools Release 9.1.5 – Demo now available!

JD Edwards Tools Release 9.1.5 – Demo now available!

Log into Myriad IT’s JD Edwards demo site to check out the latest enhancements to JD Edwards including:

  • Simplified media objects with the ability to drag and drop from the desktop;
  • New real-time interactive financial reconciliation applications which eliminate the need to run time consuming batch jobs and undertake manual reconciliation;
  • Embedded Watchlist notifications within the new financial reconcilation applications;
  • Improved menu navigation using breadcrumbs;
  • Improved integration for calendar & email;
  • New One View Reporting useability features;
  • Management of mobile applications to include daily tracking of key metrics like connected users and devices.

If you have any questions about the demo or would like to arrange for an in-person session, contact us.


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