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Time is no longer wasted on duplicated effort or inefficiencies

For Not-For-Profits, becoming and staying engaged with your communities is critical, but it need not be a full time job. Myriad IT has worked with many Not-For-Profit  clients to understand their unique needs If you currently manage client records with manually collected information, have paper forms with important and/or sensitive information, spreadsheets and systems that don’t talk to each other, then Myriad IT can help.

Our solutions are based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and  manage clients, members, volunteers, donations, grants, events and much more effectively and efficiently. We can also provide locally managed IT services and helpdesk support.

Myriad IT’s Dynamics CRM platform enables your organisation (small or large) to improve overall efficiency in your day-to-day work, through enhanced management of workflows and process automation. It is a flexible, customisable platform that is easy to use and scalable so it grows with you.

Myriad IT’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform lets you:

  • Easily manage and stay on top of reporting requirements for grants and donations
  • Proactively manage member or donor relationships
  • Track and monitor activity to nurture relationships
  • Improve collaboration with colleagues
  • Automate organisational processes and emails
  • Personalise dashboards to see what’s most important to you
  • Minimise start up and ongoing costs in the cloud


“After using Myriad IT’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM membership solution for only one semester, memberships have increased over 20% and we have achieved 95% of our membership goal for the entire year!”

Sylvia Francisca, Senior Finance Officer
Monash Student Association



Myriad IT enables your Not-For-Profit organisation to meaningfully engage with your community. We are committed to fostering long term relationships by providing exceptional products and services essential to your organisation’s success.

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