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Work smarter, not harder with Microsoft’s Social Engagement

What is Social Engagement?

Microsoft’s Social Engagement is an intelligent social interaction tool for sales, marketing and customer service professionals to proactively interact with their audience on social media.

As part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, Social Engagement collects data from social media sites and presents it to you in charts and graphs that you can use to spot emerging trends in people’s comments, whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral. It can even read emoticons and emoji’s =)

Third-party services supported by Social Engagement include: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and blogs.


Why Social Engagement?

It’s where your customers are and where your company can engage with them. Social media gives people the power to have a say. It’s equally a platform for your company to establish two-way communication with customers.

Social Engagement can be used to get on top of what’s happening in social media by monitoring sentiment and build a strong brand personality that your audience relates to.


Benefits of Social Engagement

Social Engagement is a sophisticated approach for engaging with, segmenting and targeting your audience, even at the individual level.

The true value of Social Engagement comes from linking it with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can analyse and manage leads, accounts, cases, and more. Real-time data is displayed on social dashboards in the form of graphs, tables and other visuals for sales, marketing and customer service teams. This data can be used to customise sales & marketing campaigns and service strategies. It can cut through the noise and automatically turn social activities into other types of Dynamics CRM records such as a lead, opportunity, or a case.

With the use of automation rules, you don’t need to manually go through every social media post. Automation rules can assign posts to users or groups, create new records in Dynamics CRM, or create events in Microsoft Azure Event Hubs, if newly-found posts match the filters for your automation rule. Further data can be found on lead or account records to assist sales teams with knowledge of potential customer’s product trends.

The powerful features found within Social Engagement provides so much value, especially when used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s hard not to see how Social Engagement can get your company on the front foot by allowing you to work smarter, not harder.


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Watch Social Engagement in action

Right-arrow 3 intelligent ways to engage your customers in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016  watch the YouTube video (3:00min)

Right-arrow Microsoft Social Engagement Marketing Scenarios watch the YouTube video (3:23min)


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