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Managed Services

Customised infrastructure solutions & support.

Comprehensive infrastructure solutions

Myriad IT offers a comprehensive range of infrastructure solutions from hardware, networking, virtualisation, system and database administration through to disaster recovery, hosting and managed services.  We advise clients on the best and most cost-effective infrastructure solutions to suit our clients’ applications and meet their business needs.

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Unique infrastructure provider

Myriad IT is unique in that it focuses on the development of solutions that meet business requirements. We provide advice on the best and most cost-effective infrastructure solutions to suit our clients’ requirements.

This capability is underpinned by the strong technical skill of our team – in particular in JD Edwards, databases, middleware and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We understand how infrastructure will be used and we leverage this knowledge when designing our solutions.

Maximising your competitive edge

Technology infrastructure is critical in today’s business world yet it is often difficult to find the right mix of skills and expertise to manage it in-house.

Myriad IT provides a team of specialists which includes engineers, architects and managers who help companies optimise their infrastructure, ensure it runs smoothly and deliver maximum competitive advantage to our clients.

System hosting & managed services

Myriad IT is able to host systems, platforms and applications which are then made available to customers over the internet. Myriad IT’s Infrastructure Services team offers a range of hosting and managed services including:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) including JD Edwards and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) including servers, storage and networks
  • Archiving solutions


Traditional infrastructure services

Our traditional infrastructure services include:

  • Hardware advice and sales
  • Virtualisation solutions
  • System administration.

We also provide technical consulting to ensure clients are able to implement a hardware solution that help them achieves business goals.


System monitoring & reporting

Myriad IT performs system monitoring and reporting on behalf of its clients. Solutions include:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance management
  • Weekly/monthly/quarterly site reports.

Our feedback can be incorporated into strategic planning and also enables clients to proactively address any potential issues before they become serious.


Disaster recovery & business continuity

Reliable robust disaster recovery

Myriad IT’s consultants assess business risk and requirements to deliver robust, flexible and cost effective disaster recovery solutions that provide peace of mind.

Our disaster recovery solutions can be hosted in Myriad’s tier III data centre offering clients physically separated infrastructure which is maintained, monitored and available 24 x7x365 with no capital outlay.  Our end-to end solution includes:

  • Server infrastructure
  • Implementation of disaster recovery environment
  • Ongoing support.

Proven framework for delivery

Myriad IT has a well-developed framework for the delivery of disaster recovery. This framework enables us to implement our solution with no disruption to day-to-day business activities. The framework also enables us to provide the disaster recovery solution at a flat monthly fee.



Myriad IT’s database specialists provide fast secure and reliable database systems for all types of applications and organisations. Services include:

  • Microsoft SQL server & Oracle databases
  • Database design, implementation and integration
  • Database administration & support
  • Custom web application development
  • Database analysis reporting & business intelligence.


Infrastructure support & helpdesk

Myriad IT offers its clients ongoing technology support. Our team take the worry out of running IT systems including applications, operating systems and hardware. Our consultants are available 24x7x365 to help with even the smallest query and clients pay only for what they need.

Our support solutions include:

  • Hardware support (such as PCs, servers and networks)
  • Windows and Linux system administration
  • Application administration & support (including Oracle JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and e-mail).

Myriad IT can also provide an outsourced company helpdesk for:

  • Server and networking support (Windows and Linux)
  • Applications (Oracle JD Edwards and Microsoft CRM)
  • Database performance monitoring and tuning.

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