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Load Testing

Automated licence-free testing of loads, reliability and performance across a range of platforms and applications.

Load Testing as a Service

myLoadTest™ is Myriad IT’s load testing service. We assist with testing reliability, performance, and loads across of range of platforms and applications including:

  • Tools releases
  • Hardware
  • Software Updates (patches)
  • New software releases
  • Web applications
  • Oracle and non-Oracle applications
  • Virtualised environments
  • Databases (Oracle and MS SQL)

Load Testing for JD Edwards

Load Testing is an extremely useful tool for maximising ROI on JD Edwards. As experts in database and JD Edwards technology and, as veterans of many JD Edwards load tests, Myriad IT understands latency and response times and can ensure that any installation is performing optimally.

We work with clients to identify and resolve bottlenecks, improve performance and user experience, and manage upgrades & new technology implementations and benchmark JD Edwards against client peers and competitors.

Watch our video to learn how easy load testing for JD Edwards can be.

JD Edwards: Record | Run | Learn | Improve

Cost effective & simple

Engaging Myriad IT to coordinate testing is the simplest and most cost effective way of undertaking your testing exercise. We eliminate the need to buy expensive load testing software by providing short term access to Oracle’s Application Testing Suite (OATS) through our licensing arrangements.

Benefit from our expertise in performance troubleshooting and optimisation. We are able to interpret any performance metric and provide feedback and advice for any platform or database.

Case study

Click here to learn how Myriad IT’s load testing service enabled a major international food producer to improve system performance & ensure success of its JD Edwards upgrade project.


White paper: Unlocking the potential of load testing to maximise ROI & minimise risk.

whitepaperloadtesting In this white paper, Myriad IT details the uses of load testing and how they deliver business benefit. We also provide an outline of specific scenarios where load testing can add significant value. Topics covered include:

  • Business benefits of load testing
  • Load testing as a service
  • How fast is your ERP?
  • The value of benchmarking
  • When to use load testing
  • 3 load testing case studies



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