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ERP Analytics

JD Edwards insight at your fingertips

Myriad IT’s ERP Analytics tool provides ERP usage information through the Google Analytics framework. It captures essential information about usage and performance of web-based JD Edwards enabling clients to understand how JD Edwards performs on a day-to-day, user-by-user basis.

myERPAnalytics™ constantly records data about usage and performance behind the scenes. Analysis of this data enables our customers to better manage their systems and importantly, get more out of their JD Edwards investment.

Watch the video

Watch this short video to learn how ERP Analytics can be used to:

  • Improve efficiency & engagement
  • Deliver insight into real-time performance and usage
  • Analyse JD Edwards usage
  • Slice & dice data
  • Drill down into specific user statistics

Gain insight to improve efficiency & engagement

The ability to monitor JD Edwards usage trends enables an organisation to prioritise and implement improvements to popular applications that improve the user experience. It is also useful at upgrade time in prioritising retrofit efforts. Information available includes:

  • Page visits
  • Browsers used
  • ISP (on-premises or remote access)
  • Page load times
  • Operating system & network usage
  • Mobile device usage
  • Application usage
  • User details & usage history
  • User geographical location







Do you know how many pages are loaded every day? Could you make your users more productive?

ERP Analytics 1


Who is your busiest user? Do you need to recognise a hardworking employee?

ERP Analytics 2


 How are your pages performing? Can you improve load times and drive efficiency gains?

ERP Analytics 3


Which pages are visited the most?

ERP Analytics 4


Where do your users login from? Do users in different locations use JD Edwards differently?

ERP Analytics 5


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