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Fast and efficient data archiving for JD Edwards.


myArchive™ is a project framework developed by Myriad IT specifically for undertaking JD Edwards archiving projects. With efficient data archiving, clients use only the data they need resulting in:

  • Faster back-up and cloning
  • A better and more productive experience for end users
  • More efficient use of disk space and associated reduced costs
  • A system that is easier to upgrade

myArchive projects are particularly valuable to businesses considering an upgrade of JD Edwards as it significantly reduces time required and complexity of transferring data.

myArchive™ at a glance

  • Completely reversible archive process
  • No additional software or hardware purchases required
  • Only change to production environment is the removal of data
  • Archived data can still be accessed with native JD Edwards screens, reports and queries
  • Server- and client-specific scripts to ensure efficient solutions tailored to specific archive needs

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