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Mobile Applications Development

Custom built applications to keep your business moving

Myriad IT has a dedicated mobile application development team that deliver innovative, quality and value focused business outcomes.

Our mobile applications make business processes easier to perform while improving:

  • user engagement,
  • mobility,
  • productivity, and
  • efficiency.

We start by understanding your business needs and then translating them into a user friendly solution at an affordable price. Our mobile development team use the latest integration techniques to get the best result in the fastest possible time. We also provide a full service that includes platform hosting and ongoing IT support. Myriad IT can help you implement your mobile solution easily and seamlessly.

Leaders in mobile applications

Myriad IT pioneered the development of enterprise level mobile applications in Australia.

Our applications:

  • Are intuitive and easy to use (no training required). Your staff can download the app to their device and start using it straight away.
  • Allow staff to use their “own” device (BYOD) or your organisation’s device.
  • Work on and off-line for when workers are remote or there is no internet connection.
  • Are tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs (out of the box applications do not usually provide the right fit or functionality).
  • Take advantage of the power of a device (such as GPS and camera).
  • Increase your productivity
    • Staff can process work from the field
    • Streamline & automate processes
    • Reduce double handling of information
    • Accelerate execution of tasks
    • Immediate access to information and resources
  • Improve your data accuracy with business intelligence in real-time
  • Improve your workforce engagement with easy tools, less downtime and paperwork
  • Enhance your customer service, knowledge transfer, transparency and learning

Benefits of business mobile capability

Mobile solutions can be applied to:

  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Financial management
  • Salesforce automation
  • Expense management
  • Health & safety management
  • Human capital management
  • Supply chain management & execution
  • Inventory management
  • Customer & relationship management & marketing, and
  • Project management, among others.

Platforms supported

Myriad IT’s applications can be supported on most mobile platforms including Apple, Android and Windows.

Tablet and smartphone applications for iOS and Android can be deployed via Apple’s App Store and Google Play and support flexibility for employees bringing their own devices.


Create a truly mobile workforce

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