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Mobile Purchase Orders

JD Edwards purchase order approval and delegation on the fly

Streamline processes and save time & money by mobilising your workforce

Eliminate costly delays in the procurement process by reducing the time spent waiting for purchasing decisions to be made or for delegations to be managed.

Mobile purchase order approval

Increase efficiency for purchasing staff

Myriad IT’s mobile purchase order approval app, myApproval, for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, can help your organisation procure goods and services faster so projects can be completed sooner.

It has low initial and ongoing costs especially when compared to other purchase order approval mobility products, allowing customers to realise ROI much sooner.

The app has a platform independent designed for Android, iOS and Windows.

  • Screenshot – Purchase Order Approval

Highly customisable

Unlike other mobile purchase approval tools, myApproval can be quickly and easily be customised to suit your needs including:

  • Customised field names
  • Corporate branding & colours
  • Tailored screens/pages
  • Security & IT information


Instant purchasing decisions

Managers can make purchasing decisions on the spot, without requiring access to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. They no longer need to spend time on purchase order approval and instead can get on with the running the business.

Easy to use & install

myApproval is developed on a framework that is designed with mobile devices in mind.  The smart, adaptable user interface platform is easy to view and use from a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Supported on a wide range of popular mobile device platforms including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

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Mobile purchase order delegation

Complementary to myApproval, myDelegation is an app that addresses shortcomings in JD Edwards to allow the automatic delegation of purchase orders.

Who should use myDelegation?

myDelegation is perfect for those who need to delegate purchase order approval when they are away from the office.

Users can delegate now or set a date to automatically delegate in the future, so you do not need to remember to transfer the delegation back. myDelegation also creates audit trails so all activity can be tracked.


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