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Mobile Work Orders

Drive efficiency & simplify processes for workers in the field

Managing the work flow of staff in the field is critical for effective management of your assets, but not without its challenges. We see many organisations in capital intensive industries such as transport, resources, and utilities experience:

  • inefficiencies and loss of productivity due to manual processes,
  • double handling of information, and
  • lack of access to information and resources.

Myriad IT pioneered the development of custom mobile applications for JD Edwards. We have continued to build our enterprise mobility expertise and understanding of capital asset management to help organisations realise their full potential.

Key features of a mobile work order solution

Below is an example of key features of a mobile work order solution for a transport company.

1) Home Page

Big, easy to use buttons, fonts and controls. Field workers can easily see which work orders have been allocated to them. They can also see additional work orders associated with an asset they might be working on.


2) Track locations & generate work heat maps with GPS

Using the GPS button (top right) from within the application could form a heat map of work order activity. Workers can use GPS to see if there are any other work orders in their vicinity.


3) Allocate inventory on the move

Workers can request inventory for a particular job and find the nearest inventory location. Inventory in JD Edwards is automatically updated. Context sensitive controls give easy numeric field entry (for number of stock items being ordered for example).



4) Add text, photos & other documents

Field workers can attach text notes and photos to the work order which will be automatically stored by JD Edwards.



5) Work on-line or offline

Mobile workers switch to offline mode and once they are back in range and synchronise to JD Edwards.

6) Mobile Application Framework Licence

Myriad IT’s Mobile Work Order for JD Edwards Capital Management does not require the purchase of additional licences beyond their existing JD Edwards licence.

Compatible with multiple devices

The application is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices. Staff can also bring their own device.


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