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Clever solutions that save time & money

Myriad IT has developed a number of solutions to everyday challenges faced by JD Edwards users. These can be used to automate and simplify processes, reduce risk, save time and lower costs.




myLogin™ is a software solution developed Myriad IT in response to JD Edwards clients, frustrated with the limitations of short user names and passwords. The solution reduces the time and effort required to maintain and support short user names and passwords by allowing clients to use the log-in credentials they are accustomed to with other programs.


myArchive™ is a methodology developed by Myriad IT that simplifies data archiving and management. It is a cost effective means of reducing the size of production data increasing end user productivity and reducing data storage costs.

Automated Testing

myLoadTest™ is Myriad IT’s load testing service. It leverages Oracle’s Application Testing Suite to quickly provide insightful test results for load, performance, reliability, and streamlining the upgrade process. It can be used for testing loads for tools releases, software updates (patches), new software releases, applications, hardware, virtual environments and databases.

Barcode printing

Custom software for JD Edwards that allows clients to instantly print barcodes without executing reports.

Call Stored Procedure

A user friendly interface for the Oracle OCI functions. This software takes input parameters, calls the procedure, closes the connections and handles the process seamlessly once complete.


 Complementary to myMobility POA™, myDelegation™ addresses shortcomings in JDE native apps which do not allow automation of purchasing of purchase orders.

ERP Analytics

myERP Analytics™ is software developed by Myriad IT that enables users of web-based JD Edwards to harness the power of Google Analytics to gain insight into JD Edwards usage and performance.

myERP Analytics™ records essential information about usage and performance of web-based JD Edwards enabling clients to understand how JD Edwards performs on a day-to-day, user-by-user basis. This information can be used in the decision making process to make system improvements and drive efficiency.

Load Balancing

A cost effective load balancing solution that allows web applications to be configured with high availability.

Mobile Purchase Order Approval

myMobility Purchase Order Approval™ (POA) is software developed by Myriad IT that enables JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users to review and manage purchase order approvals on a mobile device via the Internet.  It speeds up approval times to keep employees and businesses moving forward.


Fast and secure mobile solutions that extend your JD Edwards functionality. Solutions are device independent, robust, secure and customisable.

Performance Benchmark

Innovative utility that enables JD Edwards users to evaluate ERP speed and compare the results with industry standards.

Print management

Simple print management tool that enables standard JD Edwards reports to be automatically printed or emailed.

Print to PCL

This custom solution allows Business Intelligence Publisher reports to be printed directly to a PCL printer. No need to refresh your fleet of printers – just print directly.

Self-service password reset

Safe and secure utility that allows JD Edwards users to reset their password quickly and efficiently. All processes are auditable allowing the technology department to focus on value added activities.

SharePoint integration for media objects

This solution allows users to leverage SharePoint storage capabilities for JD Edwards media objects. Users are also able to use Sharepoint to search through JD Edwards media.

Waiting Jobs Alert

myLogin™ is overcomes the limitations of short user names and passwords in JD Edwards by allowing clients to use the log-in credentials they are accustomed to with other programs.


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