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Performance Benchmark

Performance testing... to the microsecond

Introduction to Myriad IT’s Performance Benchmarking

pic1 Myriad IT’s  innovative performance benchmarking suite, enables users to evaluate ERP speed. We are able to test ERP performance at any location, any time of the day, or any day of the week. Myriad IT then compares an organisation’s results with industry standards and peers to advise how an organisation stacks up, and importantly how it does not.

Performance testing… to the microsecond

Myriad IT’s performance benchmarking utility is a platform independent suite of applications that runs within Oracle JD Edwards.  These take the form of an ESU (or for clients using an earlier version of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne than 9.1, a par file) which are deployed to any environment to be tested for performance.  The suite is made up of reports, business functions, tables and database views.

Once the code has been installed and the tables generated, the software can be operated with a single button press.   It calculates performance based upon a fixed set of parameters and logical operations.

The code is able to test, to the microsecond:

  • Web server performance
  • BSFN performance
  • ER performance
  • UBE performance

This type of accuracy enables users to easily determine if  changes are having a real impact on their systems.  It also enables performance to be quantified at certain times of the day (during busy and quiet times) – to accurately assess the impact on end users.


Simple to install & use

pic2 Once installed, basic operations are complete with a single click. Test results are then shown graphically enabling users to make comparisons between days, weeks or months. Bottlenecks can be identified and with time, users learn and understand more and more about their systems.


How fast am I compared to you?

pic3 Myriad IT’s performance benchmarking tool allows us to collate performance data from various sites via an e-mail sent with test results. We can then assist our clients with analysis of their performance metrics. Myriad IT tracks application usage and can recommend changes based upon this data.


Planned enhancements

Our development roadmap has a lot of enhancements planned so users will benefit from being “patch current”. Planned enhancements include:

  • Schedule the tests hourly or daily and to enable comparisons to be made.
  • Implementation of exception based reporting. If your system is too slow – we’ll let you know!
  • Myriad IT will prepare recommendation packs of changes that clients have made and the improvements that they achieved.
  • Myriad IT will provide detailed offsite analysis for those who need it.

Great performing ERP

pic4 Myriad IT is passionate about great performing ERP and is here to help.  We provide an unlimited licence to our software but ask that the code remains unmodified. We also expect that the software does not get reverse engineered or modified. Myriad IT would also be pleased to hear of any enhancement suggestions. At present, the software is in beta release and it’s completely free.



Want more?

Myriad IT specialises in performance and tuning and offers a range of services in addition to the above.

Performance Benchmark – A very granular and exact method of benchmarking site performance.

Automated Testing -  Myriad IT is licensed to use Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) and has the ability to script  business critical processes and play them back in any saturation that is required.  Myriad IT is able to simulate load from different geographical locations, batch loads and interactive loads.

Real User Experience (RUI)  – Oracle Real User Experience Insight enables enterprises to maximise the value of their business-critical applications by delivering insight into real end-user experiences.


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