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Professional Services

A complete time, expense & project management solution fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Assistance  Software specialises in the development and implementation of software that enables  professional services organisations all around the world to drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve results. Myriad IT is a proud partner of Assistance Software and works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients to assist them maximise the benefits delivered by Assistance PSA.

Assistance Software offers a range of solutions, all of which are fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can be tailored to meet specific needs:

  • Time and Expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Project Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Contract Management
  • Resource Management
  • Human resources Management

Assistance PSA offers full integration with any financial platform and with Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms (NAV/GP/AX). This standard integration is delivered out of the box by Microsoft. All information is available a single platform, online and offline.

Assistance PSA leverages the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and  is available On Premise, SaaS and CRM Online.

Timesheet integration with Outlook

Assistance PSA enables users to create projects, budgets and schedules within the user-friendly and familiar environment of Outlook.  This smart solution is also integrated to Outlook calendar so hour entries and resource planning can be managed with maximum efficiency. Staff are able to work on- or off-line, wherever and whenever they wish.

Watch the video: Time & Expenses with Assistance PSA

Project Management & Planning

Assistance PSA includes a number of powerful tools to facilitate fast and accurate project planning, resource allocation, project monitoring and management.

Watch the video: Project Management  with Assistance PSA

Watch the video: Project Planning with Assistance PSA

Industry specific solutions

Assistance PSA has developed industry specific solutions that simplify implementation, minimise the time to realise business benefit, and reduce implementation cost. These solutions leverage Assistance Software’s deep industry knowledge of professional services organisations such as:

  • Architecture
  • Accounting
  • Consultancy
  • Engineers
  • IT Consultants
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Not-for-profits

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Case studies from organisations who have successfully implemented Assistance PSA


To learn more about how Assistance PSA can help your professional organisation drive efficiency and achieve better results, contact us.





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