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Sports Management

Comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of sports management organisations.

Myriad IT’s sport management solution enables sporting organisations to connect to members like never before with campaign management, newsletter subscriptions, e-mail & web analytics, insight into member behaviour & activity, and social media integration. It utilises Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology to provide:

Member management including membership application & renewal, mailing list maintenance, update members’ details, newsletter automation & tracking and membership benefits records.

Comprehensive marketing capabilities such as targeted campaigns and campaign analytics.

Insight into members and customer at the touch of a button.

Social media capabilities to engage members and customers like never before.

Volunteer management to record volunteer details, manage preferences and scheduling and volunteer qualification such as working with children police checks.

Self service on-line portal for members and volunteers to register and manage their own profiles.

Event management for multiple events, event registrations and attendee communication.

Ticketing interface for ticketed events.

Payment gateway with access to SecurePay services, immediate distribution of transaction funds and ability to refund & credit.

Donation & donor management with direct deposit of donations into client bank account, no per donation fee and automated e-mails and receipts to donors.

Integration with other systems such as finance.


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