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Exceptional around the clock support.


mySupport™ is Myriad IT’s end-to-end customised support solution. It is designed to provide clients with peace of mind across their IT systems including:

  • Applications
  • Operating systems
  • Hardware
  • Virtualised systems

Clients receive excellent support on an ongoing basis including after hours and emergency support.

Myriad IT believes this solution provides our clients with excellent value for money as clients pay only for what they need. Return from investment in technology is maximised and the need for internal IT resources is reduced.

To ensure the best possible support is provided, Myriad IT maintains strict documentation standards and each client executes a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place which clearly defines what is covered and how to access support around the clock. The SLA can be customised to suit unique requirements.

Your partner in intelligent,
reliable business solutions
and technical support